CV & Publications

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Refereed Publications

A) Scholarly books

 B) Journal articles

  • Thomas, Paul E.J. and Jerald Sabin. Forthcoming. “Religion and the 2017 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race.” Canadian Journal of Political Science.
  • Sabin, Jerald and Andrea Olive. 2018. “Slack: Adopting Social Networking Platforms for Active Learning.” PS: Political Science & Politics, 51.1: 183-189. 
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2014. “Contested Colonialism: Responsible Government and Political Development in Yukon.” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 47.2: 375-396. [Winner 2015 John McMenemy Prize]

 C) Book chapters and other refereed publications


  • Sabin, Jerald. 2011. Yellowknife’s Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector: A Portrait of a Northern Social Economy. Thunder Bay: Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada. 66 pp.
  • Abele, Frances and Jerald Sabin. 2010. “State and Society in a Northern Capital: Yellowknife’s Social Economy in Hard Times.” Working Paper #10-03, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2010. “Building a Culture of Power Sharing: The Executive.” Northern Ireland: Consolidating the Peace. Ottawa: Forum of Federations, 29-42.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2010. “Review of Some Like it Cold: The Politics of Climate Change in Canada.” Robert C. Paehlke. Between the Lines. Northern Review, 32: 199-201.

Invited Presentations

  • Sabin, Jerald 2018. “Faith and Race in Politics: Language, Media and the NDP Leadership Election.” Centre for Studies in Religion and Society. 
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2017. “A Federation Within a Federation? Reconciling Indigenous and Westminster Parliamentary Government in Canada’s North.” Department of Political Science, Western University.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2017. “Scholarly Book Publishing.” Department of Political Science, Western University.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2016. “From Ideas to Policy: Indigenous Postsecondary Education in Northern Canada.” Presenter and interviewer, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute, Whitehorse, Yukon.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2016. “Reconciliation and Canadian Politics in the Classroom.” Roundtable: On Diversifying Pedagogies Within Political Science: Teaching Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Indigeniety. Presentation delivered at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Political Science Association, University of Calgary.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2016. “Multilevel Citizenship in the Circumpolar North.” Paper delivered at Understanding Sovereignty and Security in the Circumpolar Arctic, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2011. “The Evolution of the Social Economy in Yellowknife.” Presentation delivered at the Northern Summit on the Social Economy, Yellowknife, NWT.
  • Sabin, Jerald. 2009. “Climate change, sustainability, and urbanization in Canada’s Eastern Arctic.” Presentation delivered at the Northern Governance Policy Research Conference, Yellowknife, NWT.